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Guayaquil - Ecuador



The group never thinks in terms of genre at the time of production, but has influences trip hop, dark noise, industrial music and rock. "We have a joke: we call it eclectic-postnuclear music," says the guitarist.


- El Comercio / Alexander García -


Is an electronic music trio formed in 2012 by musition-producers Carlos Bohorquez (Ermitaño records) and twin brothers Roberto and Enrique Bernous (Noussproduzzione).

Inspired by a variety of sources, like IDM eletronic, breakbeat, breakcore, minimal, glitch, techno and coding, their work merges  elements of contemporary club music, with avant garde sound design. Tey explore complex ritmic structures intertwined with a fluid aproach self-described as "organic digital mointillism " or "metamorphosis ". They elaborate their souns through contrasts: from the subtle to the textured, from the structured to the fluid, from the symphonic to the dissonant, from the least to the intricate.  Their works are present, futuristic and timeless, mantaining a taste for intensity as a tool for inmersión. Morfeo echoes  the qualities of nature´s structure and as a result their music develops a certain feeling of “melodic euphoria“. In 2015, they released their debut álbum »RA«, followed by their second LP »IZANAMI«. In 2018 they released “Twin Nouss y El ermitaño”  under their own labels Nouss Produzzione and Ermitaño Records as art of the musicalization for the indie videogame “To Leave”.  In 2019 Morfeo launches "Remixes" a series of remixes and live sessions.



Origin:  Guayaquil - Ecuador


Years Active:  2012- Present


Label:  Ermitaño Records, Nouss Produzione